Stronger than i was B.E.F.O.R.E

That night you said goodbye in a text tore my world apart. I just wanted to go under my covers and never come out, you really knew how to break my heart. I started hating myself so I grabbed a sharp object and cut til the pain went away. I just wanted to die, I felt being in this world was not OK. A few nights of torture, not eating and crying til the tears dried up was making me and my family far away, I woke up and said enough is enough! I'm so happy they didn't give up other wise I may not be here today. Now I walk down the street with a smile on my face I am stronger then I ever was before, whatever I had with him has been erased. I will never let him hurt me again, he's done it one, two many times. For as long as I am single he ain't coming through my door. Me loving him will never happen again, and that I know for pretty sure. Tq

dear heart, stay strong :) you'll be okay:)

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My opah was passed away. Today 4 december at 3.40 a.m al fatihah to opah. :'( i can't write more right now. I need some space. Bye..allahuakhbar

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