Heart Break :'(

This tears running down my cheeks are tears for a man .. A man whom i gave my all It hurts to know that, I can't help myself.. This story of ours is strange It hurts to tell so I keep it all to myself.. This man I cry about, stole my heart when I was not aware.. Tried as many times as I could to stop the feeling , But it was too late because it had taken mastery of me ,I had no choice than to love him with my all
Now here I'm left standing alone... Alone with strangers pointing accusing fingers at me What is my crime? I do not know I keep looking down the streets hoping to see my man...To come and rescue me like a man...
But no,the years explains it all ....He is no where to be found ...
The streets have been deserted for years ..
And I keep hoping to see him one day on that road
Whiles I continue to stand alone with my enemies and a heartbreak  :(


Terima kasih sebab sudi baca. Jangan lupa baca entry lain?

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