LIfe, is what you make it!

I've been down enough paths in my life, to know that where I am is not where I'm happy to be. I've lost a few special people in my life time, now I'm ready to find the answers about me. Life is what you make it, so be proud of where you are. Watch out that you don't drift away too far. Because sometimes you don't get back what you throw away. So make sure reality stays with you and everything should be OK. Always remember the people who brought you where you are today. Some lessons in life don't get answered and some look you straight in the face. Some answers you don't have to look to far, some are there to embrace. Reality is a big thing to accept, once you take a step It gets easier down the road all you will have left are stories left untold. Life's path will guide you to the place, you will call your own. Its all about peace, harmony and making a place to call your home.

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